- You are genuine and personable in your approach as you listen to your clients.     Shayne D.

- Karen, you did such a great job of guiding us all through Mom having pass and the planning for and conducting of her Memorial Service.   Mark H.

- You  were such the perfect person to do my grandson's memorial service. Nancy W.

- Your kindness, compassion, and calming influence helped all of us through this very difficult time.   Susie V.

- I remember you saying that when crisis happens, there is a grace that brings the right people together. How true this was this past month surrounding my nephew's death and memorial; you lead us in prayer and set the stage for the young people to share their memories of my nephew. I thank you so much for that.   Pat W.

Did you know?

- The U.S. operates from a "Death Avoidance" perspective

- Most people don't know how to bring up the topic of death

- Some universities are starting to offer End of Life planning.