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Empowerment Life Coaching is an integrative approach to discovering a deeper awareness of your self and your life.
  • Where would you like to grow in your life?
  • What could be different?
  • Are you living the life you really want for yourself?
  • Are your beliefs holding you back?
  • Are you unconsciously stuck in patterns that no longer serve you?
  • How would it be for you to really achieve your dreams?
Using the seven essential life areas of emotions, relationships, sensuality, body, money, work, and spirituality, we explore barriers and open pathways to enhanced personal growth. Using both linear left brain and imaginary right brain techniques, a vision of how you want to create your life, unfolds.

Three core sessions begin the process, followed by intensive exploration in the essential life areas.

Contact Karen at (952) 933-1941, or Karen@KarenGreerConsulting.com, regarding a monthly information session or to discuss how consultation would meet your needs.

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