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Managing Yourself Through Change/Change Happens
Even when we think we know what's ahead, change happens.
  • What change is "in the air" for you or is happening right now?
  • Is it a lay-off, a family illness, a child off to college, or downsizing your lifestyle? Even good changes bring challenges, stress, a shift in routine.
  • How do you navigate through the big and the small changes?
  • The changes that we can control and the ones we have no control over?
  • How do we make decisions during this time?
  • Where do we find support?
Come and explore a model that can help assess how we are managing our "changes" and identify our next steps.

Community Education in Burnsville, Edina, Hopkins, and Roseville; also at Normandale Community College.

Encore…Finding Meaningful Work in the Second Half of Life
Explore changes in the image of retirement and how it is evolving into the future. Are you a career changer, career recycler, or a career maker? Examine others' discovery process and work at creating your own. Based on the book by Marc Freedman.

Retirement Planning

When Work No Longer Works
Sometimes it feels as though work and even life, have plateaued. Taking stock of where you are and what you want at this time in your life can be a way of moving beyond the plateau. This class considers the following questions:
  • What will keep me going until I retire?
  • Could I consider career and life changes at this time?
  • What can I find outside of work that can be satisfying to me?
Questionnaires, conversations, web sites, and book resources will assist you in exploring work and life issues.

Offered through Normandale Community College.

Too Young to Retire, Teleclass
Ready to retire from your career, but too young to retire from life? What's next?
This multi-week course tackles key issues with a focus on possibilities. Consider shaping a future based on the choices that matter most to you. Gather a group and let's have a conference call.
Visit www.2young2retire.com/trueStories.html.

Finding A Meaningful Life in Retirement
The intensity of making a living can monopolize our energy, causing us to not know how to make a life when we approach retirement. How will I use the time that I formerly spent at my job? Group discussion, reflection, exercises, and role model sharing will be included in the class.

Empowerment Life Coaching

Empowerment Life Coaching is for those who are ready to discover a deeper awareness of self and life. In this process, we will identify unconscious beliefs that may hold you back and create words and images to expand your view of what's possible.

Call Karen at 952-933-1941 for further information on individual sessions and group series.

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